Water weekend

 Yes another water park.  But who wouldn’t spend their weekends riding a crocodile around a man made river. (I’ve got a lot of underwater camera shots coming.)   Back to Sentosa Island today for some more beach time with the kiddos.  We headed via cable car to the northern beach where a large sand castle […]

Around Heritage View

Here are just a few photos around our condo, Heritage View.  Pic of one of the closest hawker centers (4th floor of Star Vista).  Choose your veggies, your ramen, tofu (make sure that isn’t a fish cake) and watch them make a tasty bowl of noodles.  Indoor activities look so organized (this lasted for only […]

Long Holiday weekend

If you haven’t noticed Singapore is filled with hundreds of kids activities.  We thought the big cities in the US had a lot to offer, but Singapore is much more kid friendly.  Every where you look there are playgrounds and waterparks, kid bathrooms, kid cafe’s, Sentosa (the island just for kids/families), parks where you can […]

Sentosa and Popsicles

Sentosa Island is a small island off of Singapore.   It is geared towards families, so you could spend a whole week doing everything for  bungie jumping, sciencenters, wave pools, beaches, aquariums, and Universal Studios.  You can get to the island by driving, MRT, cable car, or walking over a bridge.  The kids chose the […]


KidsSpot was a fun Science Center activity.  This included the normal play area activities, kitchens, and grocery stores.  Seneca’s favorite was the ball machine that you had to control with buttons (similar to the coin game that you never can get a stuffed animal).      Loch’s was the airplane or construction area. Check out […]


During the week we don’t do much other than school and hit the pools.  On the weekend we are trying to get out before the sun is at its worse and exploring the town.  On Saturday we went to Labrador Park which is a shaded river path that takes you out onto ocean from where […]

Country Bumpkins

One thing that keeps Singapore exciting for my kids are all the new types of transportation that they can take.  They seem to love the buses the best, especially the double-deckers. The MRT (mass rapid transit) is good too. Public transportation is free for my kids, and super cheap for us.  Everything is efficient, on […]


Somebody’s got to work around here… I came home today after running to find Doug studying again, something I haven’t seen since grad school.  He is taking a few courses so as to brush up on his math skills. The rest of the time he will be working with Ye Wang on “Music for Language Learning” in […]