Last few days

Here are a few videos of our kiddo’s last days in Singapore: We will be back in Ithaca at the beginning of April.  See you soon!

Chinese New Year at Eton House

It took awhile for my kids to really enjoy Eton house but now it will be hard to leave.  The kids come home singing in Chinese, playing rock paper scissors in Chinese, and teaching me dirty words in Chinese.  Seneca is even talking to herself in Chinese now.   This is her reading her first […]

Chan Family Visit

The Chan family came to visit us in Singapore with their 2 year old twins and their 7 year old.  The kids had a blast staying up late and site seeing.  I should also mention they came during Chinese New Year.      Zoo Day: IMG_5389 Lion Dances are found throughout Singapore at malls, schools, condos […]

Legoland, Malaysia

We couldn’t leave SE Asia without taking the kids to Legoland  for New Years.  I’m not a fan of amusements parks, especially ones that are busy and hot.  Luckily for us there was a slight misty rain which kept everyone away for two days.  We had no real rain or lines to wait in.  The […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Singapore. We spent our Xmas Eve at a swanky hotel with friends swimming, playing on pirate ships and water pads, and making cookies.  Lucky for us the kids were so tired they slept until 6:30 am!  They were super sweet in the am, telling us they would have been happy with just […]

Bintan, Indonesia

Doug and I needed one last trip sans kids before the grandparents headed back to the US.  We ended up in a quiet resort in Indonesia.  We had great weather and spent our time exercising and reading.  We plan to bring the kids back with us right before we head back to the US in […]

Rebak Island, Malaysia

Our last island on the multi island trip with the grandparents was back in Malaysia on Rebak Island.  This also was a quiet island with some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had.  We indulged in the spa and Seneca got her first manicure/pedicure.   Endless Grandparent energy: IMG_4056    IMG_9777  No worries, it […]